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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello...  I'm a new travel trailer owner and I was ripped off on my trailer.  I'm gonna share my story hoping this will never happen to you.  I purchased by trailer on EBay, from Bent's RV in Louisana, and had to drive 700 miles to go get it.  When I arrived the techs were inside the trailer "prepping it".  The inside smelled very strong of disinfectant.  I was assured by the seller, that the trailer was fixed where needed and ready for camping.  I drove it home and within a couple days, the disinfectant smell was replaced with a mildew smell.  I contacted the seller with no recourse then filed a claim with EBay.  Ebay's  VPP reimbursed me for the damage. 
I hired a rv repair man near where I work, Eric Kramer.  He was supposed to remove all the rotted framing, ceiling and walls.  He had the trailer for over 3 weeks.  I paid him $2000.  The whole restoration can be viewed on YouTube.

I took a trip to Wyoming and back, and a couple weeks after I came home, I found a huge water/mildew stain on my new ceiling.  I was so upset, I took a claw hammer to it.  It turned out that my $2000 repair was a joke,  He had done nothing more than nail a couple short 1 by 2's to the rotted framing.  The trip forced the ceiling to start collapsing make the water leak worse.  My neighbor (Don) had been laid off for awhile, (he's a 25 year carpenter) and I asked him to take a look and let me know if it can be fixed.  He tackled the job, ended up removing the whole roof, rubber and all, then rebuilding it with arched 2 x 6's, new luan board and rubber.

I'm so pleased with his work, that I asked him if I can spread the word.  So I'm helping him out with starting a new RV Travel Trailer rebuild business.  Believe me, the RV repair persons are few and far between and expensive!  Don does an excellent job, fast, and inexpensive.
So if you have rotted wood in your trailer, I'm taking appointments.  Call (636)235-2586


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